Honoring Childbirth with Gentleness

"When honored and appreciated as a perfect process, childbirth is the ideal initiation into parenthood."

Assisting families in creating the childbirth experience they desire. Creations of Peace, Beauty, Faith, Celebration, Dignity, Spirituality, Growth, Healing and Empowerment. May each woman be blessed with every comfort and support, and may we hold space for her to assume all freedom and control to follow her inner wisdom and instincts during her rite of passage into parenthood.

Richelle Jolley graduated from the Midwives College of Utah in August of 2000. Soon thereafter she certified with North American Registry of Midwives as Certified Professional Midwife. Richelle is knowledgeable in the field of nutrition and natural remedies and implements this wisdom in her maternity care. She is experienced in twin pregnancy and birth and in breech delivery. Her professional skill and experience, along with her very personalized touch, make her a warm and trusted care provider.


  • •         Complete prenatal care
  • •         Phone consultations whenever questions or concerns arise
  • •         Birth supplies kit provided/included
  • •         Advice on health/nutrition/supplements
  • •        Individualized and dedicated delivery attendance and support
  • •        Water birth at request
  • • VBAC
  • •   Twins
  • •         Breech birth
  • •         Postpartum check-ups in your home
  • •         Breastfeeding advice

Philosophy of Care

Twenty years ago my call to midwifery came in a dream where I saw myself being a midwife to my sister. Later, that dream was realized as I welcomed my nephew into the world. As a service of love, I find joy working with women and their families during this beautiful time and season of growth. I believe it is a time of enlightenment and development for the mother, and my focus is to encourage and support her in this journey. Instead of a "doctor-patient" relationship, my clients and I work together as a team. Mother and father are respected as stewards over their pregnancy and their baby, viewed as competent and capable of making the best decisions for their birth.

I believe childbirth should be a gentle, enriching, and strengthening event in a woman's life. When honored and appreciated as a perfect process, childbirth is the ideal initiation into parenthood -- a rite of passage that summons a woman to the deepest level of her heart and soul, from where she is able to make a profound connection and bond with her newborn baby. When accompanied by loving support, the experience of giving birth can deeply influence a woman in a positive way, and she will look back on the experience with fondness and gratitude. I enjoy developing a relationship with each client, and anticipate the opportunity to serve you as a friend, an adviser, and a nurturing support.




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